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Catholic Churchs and Schools

Are you interested in increasing the number of contributions for your Catholic Church, Catholic School, or non-profit Catholic Charity?  It's fast & easy:  Simply copy the link below and add it to your organization's web page. contributes 15% of the profit from every sale to a Catholic Church, School or Charity.  Sadly, only about 10-15% of our customers list an organization like yours when they order from our site.  As a result, we are forced to pick the correct charitable organization for our contribution on the remaining sales.  Many of those sales may be from parishoners or members of your church or organization.  You can get involved and help to make sure these contributions find their way home to your organization!  Ask your webmaster to add our link to your site today, and remember to advise your members & parishoners to name your organization when they order: Online Source for Catholic Rosaries, Engravable Jewelry, Medals, and Personalized Catholic Bibles.